As the proud only Certified Sake Sommelier course provider in the UK, we welcome any students wishing to achieve their goal of studying sake.

Many of our alumni hold a key role in the industry worldwide, rapidly making our pin and certificate become reputable and highly recognised in the growing global market.

With the increasing sake availability and specialist interest, our Certified Sake Sommelier course is now offered in many countries in Europe, America, Middle East and Asia.

Our designated educators who share our expertise and passion for sake education will welcome you, should you wish to attend our international course. Please go to the "International Sake Education / Courses Worldwide" page and click on your country to view their contact details.

The world's premier
Sake education specialist

The Sake Sommelier Academy (SSA), is the first organization in the UK to offer sake education outside of Japan, we are base in London and provide Sake sommelier certification all over the world.

Candidates passing the Introductory Sake Sommelier and Certified Sake Sommelier will become a sake sommelier (this certificate is approved by the SSA).

Our courses have drawn positive comments from many experts in the trade, including international world champion sommelier and hotelier Gerard Basset (the only person to hold simultaneous Master of Wine, Master Sommelier and Wine MBA qualifications) who qualified in our inaugural Sake Sommelier course. The course also draws amateur sake lovers as well as professionals from many European countries with representatives from Gordon Ramsay restaurants and others.

For details of courses, please click here. You can choose and enrol any course you would like.

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